This man owns 170 Australian properties…

" At 30, the property entrepreneur from western Sydney has a staggering portfolio of more than 170 properties, earning rental income of $500,000 a year after expenses"


"Some kicked off 2016 by dieting or quitting cigarettes..Nathan Birch bought another 18 properties and signed the paperwork on his 2OOth piece of real estate"

How he built this empire is impressive. Mr Birch is entirely self-made and never went to university.

His strategy is simple.  “When the value of the home increases I use the equity I’ve gained to help buy more properties."

Mr Birch’s initial purchases were in suburbs like Mount Druitt and St Marys in Sydney, but his most recent buys were acreages in northwest Sydney and apartments in Queensland.  “If I had to start my portfolio again from scratch, today, I’d be buying in southeast Queensland,” he said. 

PLEASE NOTE: This seminar does NOT offer any properties for sale. If you only wish to see properties, please do NOT attend. For educational and informative purposes only.

While our forthcoming seminar in HK will not help you acquire that many properties, it WILL show you the fundamentals and strategies on the exact formula to use to do exactly that.

"Build a Portfolio of Four Australian Properties from One Initial Deposit, and retire with TAX FREE income of over USD$100,000 per annum"

and  more from leading Australian real estate experts. 

If you have been thinking of buying in Australia, this seminar with leading industry experts will answer all your questions, and give insights into what may happen going forward.


-What is the probable effect on Australian property after the US election?

The election of President Trump has sent shock waves around the world. There is sure to be an effect on Australian property. The question is, what?

-Introducing Citylife Finance...

Mortgages available for Hong Kong residents, your choice of HKD or AUD, interest rates 3.37% in HKD, or under 5% in AUD, 70% of contract, or valuation, term up to 35 years!

-Two strategies to reduce the risk when buying in Australia.

Imagine never having a day’s vacancy in your apartment, plus protection in the (unlikely) event the market falls before you take possession.

- An introduction to the forthcoming Super Priority redevelopment area of Woolloongabba by the award winning developers.

The Brisbane City Council announced the approval of Perri/Pellicano’s $600 million South City Square development in Woolloongabba central. One of Brisbane’s largest inner city construction projects, the $600 million South City Square, will create an urban oasis in the heart of Woolloongabba. Hear from the developers and designers and architects about their vision for this site.

-How to Build a Property Portfolio, and Retire on Four Australian 


One deposit. Four properties. An income for life, tax free. The strategy and exact steps explained how to do this.

-Where to buy?  You will see the property cycles in SYDNEY, MELBOURNE,


so that you know WHEN to buy AND SELL in each market.

and much more.....

This unique event is a DON’T MISS seminar.


“ Very informative and factual”  

Thanks for the informative seminar. I have learned a lot and enjoyed every single minute of it.”   




3 pm- 4.30 pm



"I was very reassured that your strategy was virtually identical to that which I used to

acquire my 16 properties"

Peter C, HK seminar April 18

“ Very informative and factual” 

Thanks for the informative seminar. I have learned a lot and enjoyed every single minute of it.”  


Once full, no more can be admitted. No walk-ins.

Light refreshments provided.

Excellent Australian Property Seminar

“I am writing to let you know both myself and my wife were very impressed with, and greatly enjoyed, your impressive seminar yesterday. We have been to others here, and found them to be very biased. Your personal knowledge of all the Australian city property markets, plus the honest presentation, has helped greatly in us deciding on where to purchase”

Margaret and Peter

 Your talk was GREAT! And I've had your book for a couple of months now too.”

"Your presentation is the best that I have gone

 to so far after so many talks that I have


“Thanks for the informative seminar. I have learned a lot and enjoyed every single minute of it.”